• Assistance during commercial negotiations between suppliers and distributors/buyers and drafting of agreements: referencing contracts, commercial cooperation agreements, logistics contracts, CPV, exclusivity agreements, etc.
• Creation and evolution of a distribution network (brick & mortar and online): selective distribution, franchising, commercial agency, sales commission, brand license, concession, etc.
• Creation and support of purchasing and referencing structures.
• Accompanying companies in meeting their payment deadlines (audit on compliance with deadlines and accompaniment during administrative controls).
• Accompanying companies at the time of the rupture of the commercial relations.
• Accompanying and representation of companies before the judicial courts in litigation based on restrictive competition practices: significant imbalance, unrequited or disproportionate advantage, brutal rupture of established commercial relations, etc.


• Drafting and auditing of GTC, CPV, supply contracts, referencing contracts, logistics contracts, partnership contracts, etc.
• Accompanying and representation of companies before the judicial courts in litigation based on the breach or non-performance of a contractual agreement.
• Accompanying and negotiating settlement solutions to put an end to commercial disputes.


• Unfair competition (denigration, parasitism, disorganization, imitation or confusion): formal notice, litigation before the commercial courts, negotiations, etc.
• Antitrust (horizontal and vertical agreements and abuse of dominance): assisting companies in ensuring the legality of their behavior (consultation on contracts/projects, implementation of compliance programs and training) or in proceedings before the competition authorities.
• Mergers: assisting companies in their merger operations (upstream assessment of the effects of the operation, notification to the competition authorities, possible negotiation of commitments, etc.) or to assert their position in operations conducted by third parties (market tests)

Consumer law

• Drafting of General Terms and Conditions of Sale and audit of company practices (abusive clauses, etc.).
• Advice on price reduction advertisements (sales, promotions)
• Support and representation of companies during DGCCRF investigations relating to compliance with sales promotion regulations (price advertising, misleading or deceptive advertising, forced sales, etc.)